Who is Emotionally Focused For?

Emotionally Focused is for anyone seeking transformation in their Spiritual, emotional, and relational health.

Our Courses

Emotionally Focused offers 4 courses each building on the other. These courses offer instruction and coaching simultaneously.

Emotionally Focused: Foundation Intensive

The Emotionally Focused: Foundation Intensive is a two-day intensive that invites each person into a life on mission with God – to join Him in the work of reconciliation and restoration in all areas of life: home, work, and play. Participants become aware of patterns in their lives that block them from living a missional life and provides an opportunity to process the learning through contemplation, journaling, and facilitated small groups.

Participants will begin to recognize the obstacles —the wounds, unmet needs, meanings, vows, and ways of being – that hinder their relationship with Jesus and to begin the transformation process.

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Emotionally Focused: Formation

The Emotionally Focused: Formation series spans 24-weeks and includes both a workbook and guided coaching. Over the 24-week period, participants will build upon the concepts highlighted in the 2-day Foundation Intensive, with a continued focus on first formation and the obstacles preventing us from moving forward. The second half of the Formation series will focus on the journey ahead and who we are becoming. Homework and coaching are offered weekly. This course also includes twelve Zoom calls with a facilitator to walk participants through concepts presented in the workbook. EF: Foundation Intensive is a pre-requisite for EF: Formation.

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The Emotionally Focused: Family

The Emotionally Focused: Family (of Origin) is an 8-week course that revisits concepts from Emotionally Focused: Formation, with a focus on Family Systems and Family of Origin. The purpose of this course is to identify the many different expressions of anxiety in our family and the impact this may have had on us growing up. We apply many concepts and competencies learned throughout Emotionally Focused in order to better engage with our families. Emotionally Focused: Family is a prerequisite to be a coach in Emotionally Focused: Formation.

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Emotionally Focused: Mission

The Emotionally Focused: Mission is an 8-week course where all concepts and competencies of Emotionally Focused will be applied to the anxiety of sharing our faith in Jesus. Our purpose in this course is to bring together our emotional and spiritual formation in the context of sharing Jesus with others. We believe all formation is for the sake of mission to others. This course offers practical applications in understanding our faith in Jesus and how to share that with those around us.

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Attending the two-day Emotionally Focused: Foundation intensive course. 

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Emotionally Focused Coaches

Coaches who have gone through Emotionally Focused Curriculum and want to help others grow in their journey.

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From the US and UK.

True Stories from Our Alumni

Anabeth Morgan

Worship Pastor, Mile High Vineyard

“I feel like what freedom has looked like in my life is having space to dream about things I would have never tried on my own.”

Anabeth Morgan