About Emotionally Focused

Transformation -
in the depth of your heart

WHO is this for?

Churches — Emotionally Focused is designed for churches. Every participant of the Emotionally Focused program was invited by someone who attends church in some capacity. Our Emotionally Focused Intensives are held in churches so that participants can get a feel for the community of folks who participate in the Emotionally Focused program. That is because without the church Emotionally Focused participants could not engage in several of the key concepts and many of the competencies would be missed.

Community — Emotionally Focused courses are designed with community involvement. Whether you are among a church sending many participants through our courses or you are individually moving through this program because you were invited by a friend of a friend, the Emotionally Focused program is made purposefully so that at every part no one is doing this alone. That is because we learn more about ourselves when there are others involved in our lives.

Leaders — Emotionally Focused is purposed to invite everyone into the mission of God. In this mission, we believe in sending others out to fulfill the purpose of knowing the name of Jesus and making the name of Jesus known. That is, you could be a leader at a church, or in the workplace, in your community, in your city, in your family, no matter where you find yourself to be, we believe what you will experience from the Emotionally Focused program is a deeper calling of meaning and purpose for your life’s pursuit. Even if your view is that you are not a leader, we would like for you to pursue the Emotionally Focused program and decide then if there is not something bigger that God is calling you towards.

Message from Jay Pathak

Founding Pastor, Mile High Vineyard

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Chris Knudsen

Executive Director, Emotionally Focused

WHY Emotionally Focused

Emotionally Focused is about transformation—in the depth of your heart, in your relationship with God and others, and in your engagement with the world around you. We believe that God is both the source and the expression of the unconditional love that makes you God’s beloved child. God created you for intimate loving connection with Himself, with others, and with yourself. From this deep sense of connection, God designed you for joyful, purposeful service in the world. This is what it means to be fully human and fully alive—deeply, intimately connected, and purposefully, joyfully serving. 
Yet, this not the way we live. We live often with bitterness, resentment, anger, disappointment, hurt, and frustration. We seek to try and do a good thing. We have fallen away from a relationship with God. We have all broken our integrity with God by not trusting in Him in some way, ROM.1:25 we have traded the truth of God for lies. We have lived inauthentically working to be someone we are not honoring with our lips but our hearts are far from God Matt 15:8. We live disobedient lives, searching for our wants and desires but never being fulfilled, never in pleasing God. ROM. 8:8.
In Jesus’ great teaching in the Sermon on the mount, he describes this transformative life as one that starts from the inside out. That is why Emotionally Focused because we want to start from the inside out. We want to focus on our thoughts and emotions and understand the motivation of our hearts. In the end, when our hearts are transformed to desire the things that God wants and desire we find deep inside that these were really our wants and desires all along and that we were made to live out of those deep places of our wants that makes us fully human fully alive living the abundant life. 
May you walk into all that God has for you in these days and through this experience, “until Christ is formed in you.” Galatians 4:19 
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